All About Willpower And Self-Control


All of us want to discipline our lives, we try to make plans exercise plans, or include healthy activities in our daily routine, but what we actually do is less than 10% of it. It is because due to a lack of self-control and motivation. According to surveys in 2011 it was found that lack of willpower is the hindrance to our path of success.

Most people believe that willpower is something that we all need to practice and attain. But the willpower itself is not everything. First of all, you need to set a goal, and then check yourself how you are working towards achieving that goal.

Willpower plays a third major role which drives you towards that goal. For example, if you want to lose weight you have to follow the path of diet, and the willpower is that you avoid eating junk food.

In other words, the power to refrain from unhealthy activities is called willpower. In the case of studies, we believe that working hard is essential and the driving force behind it is willpower. Researchers have shown that other than IQ willpower is most important to succeed in academics.

To practice self-control and develop willpower there is a simple exercise that you can do. It is called delaying the gratification, which means that if you are craving for something but you have to work.

You give your brain the message that after completing this task of 2 to 4 hours you will be able to eat that thing or enjoy and relax. In a way, you will be able to hold your craving for 4 hours. It means that you have cleaned a little self-control that you can resist temptations for a specific time period.

When the instant gratification is postponed, your brain develops the habit to gain self-control enjoy the gratification. Plus you will note that delaying a particular craving will reduce the pleasure of ultimately seeking that thing. It means that now you are seeking that craving voluntarily. Practice by enhancing the hours of delaying and you will know that after a few days or weeks you will feel self-control over yourself.

It means that initially the self-control is reward-based but eventually you can completely ignore or repress that negative craving which is a barrier to your goal. Interestingly it is found that your brain works differently when you practice self-control.

People who work on depleting their willpower have less amount of glucose in them. It is because the brain has to use an extra amount of energy to repress or pull away from those attractions. Which means healthy brain functioning.

Testing your impulses constantly by carrying out consistently healthy habits or something that is against your nature makes you learn willpower. Shortly self-control means the ability to resist temptations, conscious effort from pulling away from attractions, or to override a negative thought or impulse. Seeking willpower seems to be difficult but is not impossible. 


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