All the Disney New Movies in 2021

All the Disney New Movies in 2021

Since this is not the year to expect any major events such as San Diego Comic-con or a D23 where Disney would disclose new television projects or movies, the House of Mouse has just announced a host of Disney movies, Star Wars projects, Marvel’s Fantastic Four! and other projects for the next two years.

Here are the movies we’d be binge-watching on Disney+ in the coming year.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Unlike the previous films set up on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid which were all live-action, the next Wimpy Kid movie to air on Disney+ is going to be an animated project. Disney has used the same style of art in designing the movie as in the books the films are based on. Guessing from the fleetest look we got at the movie during the presentation, there are chances fans could like this version of the book even more.

Turning Red

This movie from Pixar Animation Studios will be premiering on Disney+ and in theaters in March 2022. Turning Red revolves around the story of a teenage girl named Mei Lee whose life and body are changing big time. In the movie, Lee turns into a huge red panda whenever she gets too excited.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Even though Disney did not initiate Ice Age, it has become a brand of Disney after its purchase of Fox. In the movie, Simon Pegg will be back voicing over Buck. This is also a Disney+ project and will expectedly come out in 2022.


Contrary to what it may look like from its first look, Lightyear is not a Toy Story spinoff. With Chris Evans voicing Buzz, the movie will move around Buzz Lightyear’s origin story. This project for Disney+ will premier in June 2022.

The Keanon Lowe Project

Not titled yet, this new project from Disney will be equally inspiring and emotional. This movie will be about a high-school football coach, Keanon Lowe, who manages to prevent a tragedy from happening by calming down and disarming a student who happens to have a shotgun. With not much known about the project now, Dwayne Johnson, under his Seven Bucks Production, will be producing the movie for Disney+.

The Chris Paul Project

Disney is also on the way to work on a couple of movies set up on the life stories of NBA players. This time Disney has promised to make a biographical film on all-star point guard Chris Paul. We are sure it will be a hit.

Fantastic Four

From the moment Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, everyone had been questioning when the Marvel characters which were previously owned by Fox would enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, now we know the answer. Disney has confirmed that a feature film project of Fantastic Four, the first Comics family, is in the process. And the expected date for its release is 2023.


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