Android Apps you Probably Need to Know About!

Android Apps you Probably Need to Know About!

While many of these apps are for everyone, some of them are pretty niche in terms of what they do, these niche Android apps are remarkable only for the few individuals actually needing them.

Here are the ten Android apps that you need to know about if you are an android user. 

Easter Egg Collection in Android 

This android app collects all of the Easter eggs of Android that have been released over the years. The collection includes Android Gingerbread, the first-ever Easter egg, to Android 11, the recent one. All this app does is help you find out how all the Easter eggs worked. The fun part is this app is free to download. 


This app is free too. This Android app makes the text you type into it bigger. Though may sound useless, this app actually has practical applications like when you are in a loud place and need to grab someone’s attention, this app can be of a lot of help. 


This Android app allows you to take screenshots and then put them into whatever phone frame you want. It offers a total of 40 phones’ frames. Additionally, at a time, one can work on ten screenshots. Being free to use, this app is quite useful to YouTubers and app developers. 


If you are a moviegoer, RunPee is for you. This Android-phone app tells you when is the best time to go peeing while watching a movie in a theatre. Not just that, RunPee then tells you what you missed on when you’re back. Apart from this, RunPee also tells you if there are extra scenes at the movie’s end so you know if you need to leave the theatre or hang around a little more. 


Built for Android mobile phones, this is an app for parking. It tells you where parking spaces are available and how much they cost. SpotAngels also allows its users to book and pay for parking deals. And it is free. 

Web Alert 

Web alert is an Android app that is most probably one of its kind. This is a reminder app developed for monitoring a website. It notifies you when a change occurs in the website. This app can be used for a number of things. For instance, you can use the app to notify you when the price of a product you want changes, or when your favorite website publishes a new article. 

Shark Tracker by Ocearch

This free Android app allows users to locate sharks’ migratory patterns. Researchers tagged a number of sharks. Using these tags, the app tells you where these sharks are. Even though this app is meant for biologists but isn’t it fun to know where the sharks may be hanging out at the moment? It sure is. 

So, these are some of the Android apps that are fun to play with.



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