Four Different Phases In Narcissist Personality


People suffering from narcissist personality disorder are extremely self-conscious of their importance, they seek excessive attention and are unhappy with their life. They have a lack of feeling for others and are always troubled in their relationships. They cannot even bear the slightest criticism and are emotionally reactive when it comes to their personality. These people are forever unsatisfied in life at work, school, or even in the family. A person with having narcissistic personality always falls in love with emotionally intelligent people. Or it can be said that they are compatible with emotionally intelligent people.

Emotionally intelligent people seek the happiness of others and are self-aware. When a narcissist person is attracted to an emotionally intelligent person, he devotes all of his love and attention towards that person. As a result, the bonding grows stronger and the emotionally intelligent person thinks of others as selfless and supportive for him. He compliments the emotionally intelligent person and showers him with love. However, this charm and feeling do not last long.

As the two are opposite of each other the narcissist feels that there are some qualities in the emotionally intelligent person that he cannot possess. He cannot understand what he lacks yet he strives to attain or snatch the positivity from the other. He feels as low or subordinate to his partner and starts to emotionally abuse them. As love, bonding, and trust have already been developed the emotionally intelligent person is unable to understand this change of feelings. For example, if both have a common friend who has equal bonding with both of them. The narcissist person will start to speak badly about the emotionally intelligent person behind his back. He does this intentionally to decrease the other’s worth and feelings in their friend. It is emotional abuse and manipulation that the emotionally intelligent person unknowingly suffers.

The narcissist partner properly began to develop jealousy from his partner. He tries to be emotionally close to their common friends or family, making them feel that other emotionally intelligent person does not care or empathize with them. The goal is to create a feeling of disgust in other people’s hearts for his partner. He feels that by degrading the other, he would gain the position of the partner. Here the internal psychology of getting all the attention and love plays a major role and defines the narcissist’s actions.

The narcissist person feels jealous and hides his feelings of jealousy by being kind and complimentary. After a tantrum, he suddenly apologizes and the whole situation changes for the emotionally intelligent person. As he can perceive the positive side of people he feels foolish about thinking negatively for his partner. This change of emotions is very confusing and the emotionally intelligent person thinks of it as a loss of interest or love. But it is the underlying jealousy and feeling of dissatisfaction that overpowers the narcissist personality. So this is how a narcissist personality proves to be toxic for emotionally intelligent people.


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