Here Are Six Top Board Games for Everyone to Play

Here Are Six Top Board Games for Everyone to Play

Every once in a while, we need to take a break from mundane things and enjoy life a little. And when it comes to things that provide us fun, games top the list. However, ever since this pandemic occurred, physical activity has slackened. In these times when going out of the house has almost become a taboo, what a great relief is board games.

Regardless of what age they may be, nearly everyone enjoys playing board games. They keep on getting new types added to them but board games just simply never go out of style.

Even though board games have always been famous, this covid-19 lockdown has particularly added up to their popularity as they experience soaring sales.

With crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter, helping new designers and publishers raise funds for their projects, there is a wide variety of games for everyone to play.

Though made of cardboard, many new board games are equally complex as most of the technologically advanced computer-based simulations.

Here are nine top board games for everyone to play

Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave

If you love biology, ecology, and nature overall, Wingspan is the best choice for you. It is a beautifully presented, non-violent game. This board game contains hundreds of aesthetically illustrated bird cards, each with matchless capabilities that synergize as they populate a range of environments. The greater the number of unique species of birds players attract to their reserve, the higher the point score.

Dominant Species by Chad Jensen

If you are more competitive, Dominant Species is all you need. It is about the survival of the fittest. A six-player game, this board game involves big animal classes fighting over a collection of environmental niches to grow into the most dominant group before they are hit by the next ice age.

CO2 Second Chance by Vital Lacerda

This board game turns players into the CEOs of energy-producing companies. Players build greener power plants and trade carbon credits all for the sake of greater market share. Wow, this game is actually eco-friendly.

Pandemic by Matt Leacock

Thanks to Matt for making us associate a positive feeling to the word pandemic! Players in this board game, play like a team fighting the spread of diseases throughout the globe.

Consumption by Karen Knoblaugh

Let not staying home get you unfit. This game is for the health freaks (like me). In this board game, players go shopping for food groups, make recipes, and burn down calories. Players succeeding in achieving a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle while reducing food wastage win.

The Search for Planet-X by Matthew O’Malley and Ben Rosset

Dear sci-fi fans, this board game is for you. It involves a rational puzzle where you are astronomers looking for a mysterious planet in the solar system. Players inspect the sky, draw observations, issue theories, and keep an eye on each other’s moves.


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