How To Increase Your Happiness In Daily Life?


Having happiness in life and keeping positive thoughts all the time is not that easy as it seems. There are many tensions in everybody’s life. It is easy to think that people get happy easily but you don’t.

However, it is very essential that you should learn how to be happy. Learning positive psychology and dealing with the situation with a smile is a skill. Thinking about happy times while the tension of work and not enjoying your happy time fully is something most people think about. 

Does it happen you are attending a birthday party and the fear of the next day’s office overcomes you? It is a very unpleasant feeling and you need to be emotionally strong to get over it and enjoy the present. To add to your frustrations you cannot avoid these thoughts no matter how much you try. 


According to the psychological resource model, you can learn to engage yourself in a positive experience and develop a feeling of self-importance or self-love. These feelings help to create a habit of staying happy and emotionally strong. 

They create a form of a wave that helps to develop positive emotions and keep you happy. By developing this habit you will feel happy even if there is no other external source of happiness. Being happy is not possible innate but it can be developed through training. It is possible to get positivity out of most situations.

Hanson in his book gives a model which he named as ‘HEAL’ framework. He gathered the factors of individual engagement in psychotherapy and personal growth programs to point out the individual sources of happiness for different people.

He said that this framework includes the working of your brain as it gathers information from a happy experience. It means absorbing as much fun and positivity as you can from your favorite things. 


This model explains the four basic steps of gaining happiness or increasing pleasure from moments of happiness. The first step includes creating a situation that is enjoyable or experiencing something that you truly love. It includes something that gives your brain happy stimuli.

The way how would you derive pleasure from something solely depends upon your training. You should focus your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and sensations on various aspects of the experience. It is necessary to repeat the experience and the pleasure derived from it to your brain. Delve yourself at the moment and relive it later so that it is engraved upon your memory.

The third step explains how you can grasp more positivity even from a neutral experience. The three main things that you can do are to deliberately revisit or revise the same thought or feeling. Be attentive towards the source of pleasure directing all your senses and emotions toward itself. Lastly, you should think about how lucky or happy this moment is. 

Fourthly, you should ignore the negativity that surrounds that positive experience. Let go of any negativity that is a hindrance to your path of happiness. Think about more positive things and the negativity will automatically be neglected. 


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