Saudi Foreign Minister Made an Announcement of 1B Riyals in Aid to Afghanistan


Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud the Saudi Foreign Minister on Sunday made an announcement of one billion riyals in aid to Afghanistan.

Speaking to the 17th Exceptional Session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers in Islamabad, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud paid tribute to Pakistan for convoking the moot and making the best preparations in the shortest workable time.

The Saudi minister emphasized the need for focusing on the Afghan issue on a humanitarian basis and that the nation in the war-torn region, which includes women and children, has been suffering.

“The financial disaster in Afghanistan could get harsher, the people of Afghanistan are looking ahead to our help,” he added.

He emphasizes that “we need peace in Afghanistan” and that the demanding scenario in the war-ravaged country could have an effect on the region and the world.

Pakistan is hosting the exceptional session of foreign ministers from the OIC in addition to representatives of the powerful nations to be able to develop a joint approach to save humanitarian disasters and financial collapse in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s finance ministry under the new Taliban rule has recently composed a draft of a national budget that, in decades for the first, is not funded by foreign aid.

It comes because the country is put in an economic crisis situation and faces an emerging humanitarian disaster the UN has referred to as an “avalanche of starvation”. Ahmad Wali Haqmal the Finance ministry spokesman did not reveal the details of the draft budget which runs till December 2022.

However, informed AFP it would be forwarded to the cabinet for approval before being published.

“We are looking to finance it from our domestic revenues — and we trust we can,” he earlier informed on television in an interview shared on Twitter.

World donors suspended financial aid while the Taliban takeover control in August and Western powers moreover freeze Afghan assets in billions of dollars held abroad. UN estimate that millions of Afghan people could face starvation over the wintry weather without emergency help.

However, aid has been blocked by international unwillingness to have interaction directly with the Taliban, in part due to concern over rights for women and their political inclusion.

The sudden cancellation of foreign aid after the Taliban victory has driven Afghanistan’s weak economic system to collapse. Millions are out of work and the banking system is only partly functional.

The US has issued guidance that could allow private cash remittances to Afghanistan however it has not given in its refusal to release the $9 billion in central bank reserves or lift sanctions on many Taliban leaders.

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) surveys confirmed an expected 98% of Afghan people aren’t eating enough, with 7 in 10 households resorting to borrowing food, which drives them deeper into poverty.



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