Stretching Exercises That Help To Prevent Aching

Stretching Exercises

Some simple stretching exercises can help you attain better sleep and protect your body from aching. If you have been following a hard exercise routine and your muscles are aching, or you sleep or sit in a bad posture then these exercises will surely help you. Most of us face the common issue that the upper thigh portion is aching, it is because you have a tight IT band in that area.

The problem here arises that you can not stretch it yourself. Start your exercise with the muscle that is at the side with the IT band. For this stand up straight and cross your right ankle at the backside of your left ankle. You might fall during this exercise so keep a chair or table in front of you to maintain your balance.

Constipation is surely a nightmare for most of us. Different medicines can help but sometimes they also become useless. So try by bending your knees 90 degrees towards your chest while keeping your feet towards the roof. Now extend your knees towards your armpit and move left and right while breathing. 

Stretching Exercises

Foot pain mostly arises because of the calf muscles. Exercising them can bring relaxation to your foot ache. It causes issues with Achilles and fascia that make you walk properly. You need to work with muscles at the back of the knee. Come down in a dog position with your arms and knees on the floor. Now push your feet up to raise your hips so that your tail bone points to the roof. You will feel a stretching in your calf muscles.

For the treatment of hip pain, there are simple stretching exercises you can follow. While sitting in the office for hours your hips hurt when you stand up and feel unable to walk. To complete this stretching, keep your right foot forward and left foot backward. Now stretch as far as you can while bending your front knee.

Make sure that your back is straight. Now extend your arms towards your ears and stretch for 20 seconds on both left and right sides. It seems to be a bit complicated but is an effective stretching.

Jaw pain makes you feel miserable and smiling is not even possible. It feels like a lot of burden on the cheeks so here is an exercise that can get rid of all the pain. First of all, apply a mild facial oil and then slide your thumbs gently. On the top of your nose into your temples and across your eyebrows. Move this stretching across your face about four to six times.

The stretching for lower back pain is the simplest. Put two or three pillows under your back and hang your upper body from the bed or couch. Keep in this position and then take deep breaths. They can melt away the pain from your lower back.


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