The Best Reality Shows to watch on Netflix during the Pandemic


It is going to be almost a year to this global pandemic and since working from home has become the new normal, sometimes being home can be dreary. In this situation, streaming services have been trying their best to provide their audience with the best and most suitable content to binge-watch. Netflix is no exception. In fact, it has become the top streaming platform of the previous year. 

Netflix content ranges from original scripted movies and TV shows to reality-based TV shows. Among a lot of reality shows that are available to watch on Netflix, the following are the best ones that you can enjoy watching while staying at home.

Love is Blind 

Resembling ABC’s The Bachelor in many ways, this reality show is based on the idea of searching for the best mate for one’s self. In Love is Blind, contestants stay in their own separate rooms where they can hear each other but cannot see. Contestants are given ten days within which they have to ask their would-be significant other to marry them. If they fail, they have to leave the show. Whereas in case they manage to convince their partner, they get to go on a holiday to know each other more before they tie the knot within a month. 

Fastest Car 

If you are a car enthusiast, do check out this reality show on Netflix. In this reality show, a quarter-mile drag race takes place between sleeper cars and high-performance, street-legal luxury sports cars to find out which one is the fastest and owns the road. 

Get Organized with the Home Edit  

Loaded with lots of space organizing ideas, this reality show is perfect for housewives. In the show, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, who happen to be the expert home organizers, help every day clients as well as celebrities with their house possessions by giving out ideas on how they can better edit, cover, and sort out their jumble to make up more space in their homes. 

Nailed It

A light-comedy reality show, Nailed It offers its viewers some good reasons to laugh away their stress for a while. The show invites three home bakers with a poor baking history in each episode to come show what they have got. One masterpiece from the baking world is assigned to each participant that they have to recreate. Obviously, the final product does not mostly turn out successful, but the amateur baker whose end product falls closest to the original dessert wins the episode and gets to take home the major $10,000 reward. 

So these are some of the best reality shows that you can enjoy watching on Netflix during the ongoing pandemic to lighten up your mood and get rid of the boredom.


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