Vienna – The Capital of Austria


What could we say about this splendid city that has not been saying before? As Billy Joel tells in his song, Vienna is always waiting to offer you a warm welcome.

Vienna is the Capital of Austria and located in the east of the country, is a few of the cities with the finest quality of life in the world, therefore, it isn’t unexpected that its economic, social,  political, and cultural sectors are synchronized in perfect harmony, further to the reality that its populace is constantly inclined to perform amusement and leisure activities in its numerous museums, theaters, restaurants, and parks.

As for the language, German is the official language, however thankfully for folks who can communicate in English, 75% of the populace knows how to talk in English and it’ll be supportive till they learn the native language, since, by some means or other they have to learn it if they actually need to live there due to the fact for the Viennese it is impolite not to speak the local language of their country.

Vienna is a city full of history and insight, so it is common for its locals to have all kinds of debates and philosophical conversations. However, not all subjects are welcome in the discussions, for example, it is very rude to speak about their involvement in the Holocaust or even insinuate that they have been involved in it, better speak about soccer.

In financial terms, lifestyle in Vienna can be more costly than in other cities of Austria, however, in case you look in different places you may get rooms for 400 euros or one-room flats for 700 euros or per month. The minimum salary in Vienna is 1100 euros which with inexpensive housing allows you to cover your expenditure and gives you a margin for savings.

The city weather is of the continental oceanic type, this is to say, its winters are very freezing and snowy, and summers have a moderate temperature. The standard temperature in Vienna is between -8°C and 26°C.


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